We live someplace impossibly beautiful.

We live someplace impossibly beautiful.

We had a brief, unscheduled hiatus last week, mostly due to work, a houseguest (hi Luisa!), and me forgetting that we had changed the posting schedule. So, updates via dots!

  • Lots going on in the cabbage, as most of the electrical is now finished and buttoned up. Just a few odds and ends left. (Thanks Steve and Bryan!)
  • We have lights where we did not have lights before. I enjoy turning the switch on and off. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet.
  • We also have a new heater! We are still going to get a stove — probably in the spring when they’re on clearance — but we needed something to get us through the winter, and this fit the bill. At 240 volts, it’s a lot more efficient than a conventional space heater, and it’s rated to heat 750 sq. ft. — nearly 200 more sq. ft. than we actually have. I have been pretty impressed with it so far.
  • The bedroom, bathroom, and one of the kitchen walls is painted. (Thanks Sheryl!)
  • We have a new window in the kitchen, above where the sink will be.
  • Today the indoor plumbing should be completed, which is a huge milestone.
  • We are also going to install an outdoor light on the porch, which is also a huge milestone because it means we won’t literally walk into our cars when the sun goes down.
  • We have a lot of other stuff that will get installed soon, including our BATHTUB and our TOILET!!! We are excited about this.

All in all, we are very, very close to moving in — I am optimistic that we will be there by Thanksgiving. It will still be unfinished, but a lot of the finishing stuff we can do while we live there. It will just be so nice to have our own space.

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