Our usual plan for posting is that one of us will take Monday, and the other will fill in on Wednesday and Friday. You might have noticed there was no Walden Wednesday from me this week. That’s because I’ve had a migraine since probably Tuesday night now that I think about it, and it hasn’t let up yet (it’s Friday now.)

Nonetheless, I spent part of the day yesterday on the backhoe, digging a trench for conduit and wire so we can get our place going. Breathing in diesel, listening to the rumble of the tractor, and being out in the scintillatingly bright sunlight did nothing for my migraine. But it needed to get done. Although I’m not done, really. I still have half the trench to dig.

I was lucky that my migraine allowed me to do that. I have suffered from migraines since probably 12 or 13 years old, and they show up in all sorts of ways for me. How migraines manifest is probably an entirely different post, but if you’re really curious, check out the work by the late Dr. Oliver Sacks, Migraine — to date, the only book I’ve ever read which accurately describes exactly what a migraine is like from inception to completion.

Not really sure where this image is from aside from Tumblr -- I couldn't find the original attribution. But it's accurate.

Not really sure where this image is from aside from Tumblr — I couldn’t find the original attribution. But it’s accurate.


But what does this have to do with Good Life Jones, or the cabbage, or what we’re doing out here? Nothing really, aside from letting our approximately three regular readers know what’s going on. If my symptoms haven’t let up by this evening, I’ll probably go to a walk in clinic and get the big guns. But hopefully it abates on its own.

Working Through Weariness
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