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Rice, WA. #latergram

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One of my BFF’s, Selena, came over for a visit a couple of weeks ago. We drove around the countryside, and she fell in love with Rice, WA. There’s a great farm out there and I sure hope Selena gets to come back for a class there at some point. Above, this was my favorite picture of greater metropolitan Rice.

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Now contrast Rice with greater metropolitan Loon Lake.

We buried some wire, conduit, and pipes, leaving the side yard ripped up as hell. I took this picture to remember what it once looked like. In the spring, I hope to have this seeded with native grasses.

Things to add to my #visualresume — #latergram #goodlifejones

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And here’s a picture of me on the backhoe because the novelty of me being on a backhoe never really wears off.

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And finally, here’s a wooly mystery. Sometime last week or so, three sheep showed up on the property. (Ironically, this happened just as Mindy and I were in the middle of Haruki Murakami’s A Wild Sheep Chase.) We speculated that maybe some other farmers let them go during the fires — livestock can take care of itself for the most part, so it’s a pretty common practice to release them when fire threatens a property and you have to evacuate. My sister-in-law Lisa identified them as Barbados Blackbelly sheep, which is primarily a meat sheep, and if we could catch them I would not be opposed to eating them. However, I haven’t seen them since I took this picture last Sunday. It’s probably because they know I want to eat them.

Hope everyone has a good Friday!

Friday Picture Round-Up
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