The days are getting shorter and the air is growing crisper. We’ve been very lucky to have some rain recently. It’s nice to have the dust knocked down and the smoke from the fires dampened a bit. It will take several feet of snow this winter to consider this drought over, though. I never thought I’d hope for snow. Lots of it.

Progress on the cabbage has been painfully slow. Getting power up there has been a bureaucratic pain, but once it’s done, I expect that we’ll be able to move along at a much more rapid pace. After power is turned on, next step is running wire and plumbing, then insulation, then drywall. We think. Putting together a house is not the easiest thing for two Type-B, uber-Pisces personalities. We just go with the flow.

But the flow is leading us right into fall, so there’s definitely a sense of urgency there. House Stark reminds us that winter is coming. And it is. It will be here before we know it.

This will be covered with snow before you know it.

The North Remembers

Seasons Are Changing
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